Swash Convergence the Biggest Cloud Brand of India Is on a Hiring Spree

Swash Convergence the Biggest Cloud Brand of India Is on a Hiring Spree

Since the great recession in 2008, the job market has been up and down. May it be getting fired without notice period, or layoffs due to lack of projects, life have not been easy for employees. Undoubtedly, the opportunities have shirked, leading to an increased competition. If you ask an average performer, corporate life will always be a toil and career growth will be a remote entity for him/her. However, employees with excellent work ethics and relentless effort have been successful in the jittery market scenario.

What are the traits that help you succeed in your professional life?

There is a good old saying “When the going gets tough, the tough gets going”, companies always prefer candidates that have nerves of steel, can handle the stressful situation and deliver seamlessly within the specified deadline. This cannot be true for a candidate who cannot, if he/she doesn’t enjoy the job. In other words, nobody can force you to do the work, until and unless you really have the passion for work.

The following qualities define an ideal employee-

ü  Real-time experience that fits his/her job role.
ü  Ability to set goals and identify the ways of achieving them.
ü  Ability to work on his/her own without depending on his/her fellow employees.
ü  A team man who takes initiatives and works collaboratively for the attainment of a common goal.
ü  Employees that adapt to every possible challenge or change in the work environment, or visualize change as opportunity to learn new skills.

Once in a Lifetime Opportunity to Be a Part of the Biggest Cloud Brand

If You Got the Skills – We Help You Excel & Grow with Us
One of the largest cloud brands of India is looking to hire the best talent from all over the globe. The organization is hiring to fill more than 500 positions for multiple departments. The company is looking for skilled personnel for the following departments-

ü Software & Technology Department
ü  Design & UX Department
ü  Marketing Division
ü  Sales Division
ü  HR, Finance & Operations Department

Ask Yourself-

1.      Are You Upgraded to Be Ready for the Future?
2.      Are You Programmed to Outperform and Take the Lead?
3.      Do You Have It in You to Debug Challenges & Obstacles?

If you thrive under challenges, then we are willing to associate with you and be a part of your growth story.

Grab the opportunity with open hands and add the much needed impetus to your career. Follow the link to learn more about the career changing opportunities.

Apply Now:-

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5 Reasons Why Mobile Applications are a Must for Your Business


Gone are the days where millions of people relied on newspapers, television or radio for information related to politics, finance, business and more. These mediums were often considered by top businesses as they communicated the features & the benefits of their products and services through paid commercials.

These mediums were extremely effective in shaping people’s perception and generating heavy sales. However, things are not the same in the modern digital era. With the advent of internet majority businesses took to the websites and provided information relating to their product, price etc. Since, the last decade, the craze for smartphones have increased by leaps & bounds, in 2015 every third smart-phone was purchased by an Indian. An average Indian spends more than 3 hours a day with his/her smartphone.
It is obvious that your target customers are shifting their attention to smartphones – Hence, without developing mobile applications, and relying on the outdated marketing techniques can turn out to be a blunder.

"Not Going with the Trend is Business Suicide" 

Here are the top 5 reasons that justify the requirement of a mobile application for your business –

1.    Extremely Cost-Effective
Communicating information through a business app does not cost you much. Smartphone users can install the business application and can access information related to product, price, company etc.- At their own convenience.

2.    Customer Engagement
Mobile applications offer the best customer engagement through a number of notifications regarding offers, updates, product launch, value added services etc. Thus, the customers are engaged real-time and an application surely makes their life easier. A mobile application is always visible to the user -  So, the chances of the information being communicated to your customer are high, and a better reach of information also ensures an increased revenue.

3.    Convenience
A mobile application will empower the customer to do things at his/her own convenience. In this busy world, making things simple does give your business a strong presence. By using the handy mobile application, a customer can purchase products or get customer support with just a few clicks.

4.    Competitive Advantage
Mobile applications are still rare; thousands of companies still don’t have them. Considering the rapid demand for smartphones, developing a mobile application for your business will ensure that you bring home the advantage, by reaching out to the maximum number of customers.

5.    Promotion
Mobile applications are one of the best medium through which you can promote your products to a mass audience with just a few clicks. Company’s generate sales by promoting coupons, offers and more through push notifications. Many online retailers have extended their services to the smartphones, as they are highly cost-effective and have a wider reach.

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Update Google Algorithm (FRED), Can Adversely Affect Your Website’s Ranking


The tech giant Google is known to change its algorithm regularly with an objective to promote quality information accessible by millions of users. On Thursday, March 8, 2017, Google implemented unconfirmed search algorithm that is rumored to affect the traffic, ranking and search visibility of numerous websites, which was discussed by Gary Illyes (Trend analyst Google) through his tweets.  The algorithm is jokingly referred as “FRED” by the experts from the industry. 

Impact of Fred

Surprisingly, millions of websites have suffered badly as the rankings have gone down after the FRED update.

ü  With the advent of FRED algorithm, websites with low quality profile links, poor and duplicate content has suffered badly as their rankings has gone down.
ü  The rapid fall of ranking affected badly search traffic.
ü  Heavy ads sites also affected by FRED.

Undoubtedly, it is a setback for the millions of poorly maintained websites, as the good old tricks that worked previously won’t work now. The strict measures taken by Google through the Fred algorithm have taken its toll on the website owners, especially the ones that got away with poor quality websites. Webmasters from all-around the world, experience huge drops in their website’s ranking, without having any clue about the latest Google bug that drives the change.

Possible Reasons for Fred’s Introduction


Websites from all over the world have a lot of duplicate content, because the content writers choose the easy way out and copy the content from other websites.

Poor Grammar

The substandard quality of content with poor grammar and the unstructured formation of sentences, makes it tough for the readers to understand the content.

Excessive Advertisement

Websites are tempted to add more advertisements with an aim to generate revenue, this often irritates the visitors and increases the bounce rate.

Bad Links

Bad links that redirect the customers to irrelevant websites, or wrong sources of information leading to wastage of time of the visitors. 

Unfair Use of Copyrighted Images

Web designers, copy & paste images from other websites that are copyrighted. Hence they end up stealing and violating the copyright laws that is not appreciated by Google.

 These are alarming signs - Let’s take a look at the guidelines
The Google’s Fred Guidelines
The solution lies in the problem itself. In other words, the dilemma can be dealt with by identifying the Google’s guidelines, determining the problems in accordance with the guidelines and rectifying the issue.

Coming to the million-dollar question –

What Does Fred Prefer?
The latest Google algorithm (FRED) prefers websites with the following attributes-

ü  A website that has the most unique content.
ü  A website that maintains simple, easy to understand and structured content, with the highest quality.
ü  A website that regularly updates information/ content.
ü  A website that maintains quality information by avoiding duplicate/copy pasted content.
ü  A website with negligible grammatical errors.
ü  A website that uses genuine images (Doesn’t use copyrighted images).
ü  A website with least number of bad links.
ü  A website that doesn’t spam, or promote excessive online advertisements.

Note- Google penalizes websites that don’t follow the above guidelines

What Are the Possible Solutions?
As stated before the solution lies in the problem itself. To optimize your website ranking, consider the following tips-

ü  Recreate the quality content with proper grammar and meaningful sentences.
ü  Instantly delete the duplicate or copy pasted content.

ü  Remove the copyrighted images and consult your designers to recreate unique images
ü  Remove bad links
ü  Avoid spamming through advertisements (Remove excessive ads)
ü  Regularly update content or information (Outdated information affects your ranking)

Indeed, the algorithm changes are too much to handle for the SEO industry. However, following the right process will never let you down. Remember, an algorithm change is always a constructive measure that enhances the quality of information and promotes creativity.

We are fortunate enough that our clients are not yet affected by the Google bug Fred.

Stay Tuned for More

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When everything is going on cloud …


When everything is going on cloud, there may be numerous queries around this new aspect that seems to be the recent inclination. Particularly when it is regarding the important frameworks like ERP, that hold the core business operations and data, it becomes more vital to realize the importance of cloud technology in the connection of these systems.

This blog makes an attempt to unlock the secret around the Cloud ERP Solutions and gives legit reasons why moving to cloud ERP can be helpful for a business. Other than knowing the characteristics about cloud technology and its limitations, it helps to know a trusted supplier, who's likewise a professional in the ERP domain. Swash Convergence Technologies Ltd. impeccably possesses all the required qualities in this area, being a pioneer in the domain for more than 15 years, who adopted the excellence of cloud technology.

Cloud ERP: Basically, Cloud ERP is the ERP solution given utilizing cloud technology. The next visible question would be what is cloud technology? It is an approach in which any software solution is provided to the end users via web. Therefore, it gives a clear indication that, in such a situation, where software solutions are delivered through Internet, the need for IT infrastructure and support becomes less. What’s more, this is precisely the first point of interest of moving to cloud technology.

Valid Reasons for One's Shift to Cloud ERP
·     Cloud ERP helps the organizations decrease capital expenses. By moving to Cloud ERP, the companies no more need to spend on the hardware equipment to store their ERP solution. The switch also diminishes the operational expenses significantly, including the expense planned for IT Support and server upkeep.

·     The lack of difficulty with which adaptability could be attained by utilizing cloud ERP is astounding. With cloud ERP set up, one can simply change apps and users according to the the vital business requirements. Also, there is the chance to try and test the application modules, before rolling them out to the group usage, minimizing the training expenses.

·     Cloud ERP is perhaps the best option for the new companies; in light of the fact that cloud ERP offers the adaptability to extend it, tuned in to the organization improvements. Since the cloud ERP option will not include any capital financing, the businesses can test the achievability without a stretch and can switch to best outcomes, according to the ever changing enterprise needs.

·         One of the best facts of cloud ERP is it is employee friendly. The professionals can now work from home, as productively as they perform at office. In this way it saves the usage of office resources at most.

The above explanations are some valid reasons for one's shift to cloud ERP. And if someone realizes the advantages and considers looking for the best choices available in cloud ERP, Swash is the best place to begin. Swash has constantly concentrated on the interest of medium and small scale organizations, and has delivered customized cloud ERP. To find out more about Swash's cloud ERP offerings, please visit: www.Swashconvergence.com

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Pros and Cons of Effective Digital Marketing Strategies

To be a business legend in this archetypal business situation, you must do experiment on market inclinations & strategies, competitor enactments and scope areas to configure reputation. At the present scenario, most of the popular brands keep belief on effective digital marketing strategies which leads towards advancement of business process. Digital Marketing is the widespread approach to encourage brands in the forms of electronic media.

A digital marketing approach is an interactive marketing method using digital technologies for your products or services and brings the targeted audience. The most prominent goal is not to just endorse brands, but to increase the capacity of target market and audience. Ethical digital stratagems will formulate the chances of growth in business expansion and increase the sales volume.

In the birds eye view –

Digital Promotion is the traditional advertising tactic which does have extensive use in the forms of Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Management, and Online Reputation Management. This advertising approach has been visualized by widespread assortment of brand promotion tactics mainly used in the frame of internet as a principal marketing arrangement. These tactics can be pictured and used as Digital Video, Social Conversion, Mobile Optimization & Conversion, and Video Embedding etc.

Earlier Stage of Marketing-

Digital Marketing Strategy was first being used in early 1990s. But, it became more popular and effective in between 2000s and 2010s. Due to rapid evolution of digital media, now there is big scope of opportunities. Current research says, it is the most curious market and lots of grow conditions. Google Estimated Report says, "The Market of Digital Marketing trends has been increased up to 4.5 trillion online ads campaign with growth success rate of 60% in 2015".

Digital Marketing Procedures –
This frame of marketing module is more familiar with day to day internet search. Some of the essential digital marketing methods are outlined below: -
  1. Set up Email Marketing Campaign to reach out the targeted market & Customers.
  2. Paid Ads Campaign Management through Face Book.
  3. Facebook Fans Page Promotion.
  4. Twitter Management.
  5. Get Started on Instagram, Pinterest, Digg, Stumbled upon etc.
  6. Target Major 3 search engines i.e. Google, Yahoo & Bing.
  7. Personalized Profile Management on Google+.
  8. Guest Blogging.
  9. Video Broadcasting through You Tube, How cast etc.
  10. Content Syndication and contribution through Press Release Management.
  11. Make your brand presence on Tumblr, Four Square, Hoot Suite and Sprout Social type of popular sites.
  12. Post your ads on Classified sites i.e. Craigslist, Amazon, EBay, ETSY etc.
  13. White hat & Organic Search Engine Marketing by getting your products visible on major search engines.
  14. RSS Feed Boost.
  15. Blog Talk Radio.
  16. Distribution of contents to Wikipedia.
  • Slow internet can be the major obstacle. It will take too much time parameter to be displayed.
  • As per copy-right act, real issues will arise if you use the brand name of any other extent or group. Brand means picture or company logo or legal content of any other entity.

Recommended Digital Marketing Implementation by Swash Convergence

We are at, Swash Convergence, giving prior emphasis on structural architecture of marketing through time to time changes and as per Google algorithm formulations. Our objective is to set up the below things –
  • Integrated Marketing Resource Plan in Digital Medium.
  • Customer Conversion Strategy Management.
  • Return on Investment (ROI) Estimation.
  • Marketing Mix with Value Proportion.
  • Prior Importance to Budget for effective plan management.
  • Driving Traffic from Popular Social Resources i.e. Face Book, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc.
You can be the sovereign of market through promoting ad campaigns on Digital Media platform. But basically they should have basic knowledge of Internet and they should spare time to update the campaign. Because Market is flexible and changes normally occur regular. And you have to pick the exact digital marketing company who can be your real business well-wisher by giving timely suggestions.

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